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Age of the Warriors
Traditional Warrior Cats
The Clans are forced to live together. No more territory lines, no more separate camps, and no more privacy. All while they struggle to survive in a mountain range.

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0 240
a pre-warriors rpg based on dawn of the clans.

welcome to the color black, we are a warriors genre roleplay, taking place in a russian-style taiga forest. our in character date is 1851, before the fo
Gras Beneath My Paws
7 168

GBMP is a 2014 active forum which contains a lot of twists and drama to make the roleplay exciting. There are two paths.. One the path of a wolf, the other the life of a cat. Which path will you take?
Rivalled Ambition.
3 176

A literate Warriors RPG that offers great opportunity for plotting and advancement, supported by an amazing community of friendly members.
Beyond the Horizons :: A Literate Warrios Roleplay
0 226

a traditional warriors roleplay
Grand Rebirth of Warriors | GROW
7 122

Enter a new land, where another chapter of Starclan fills the skies.
0 115
In lands far away lay four clans. Formed by four cats named River, Wind, Shadow, and Thunder, these clans survive on a warrior code created by their warrior ancestors. These cats believe that o
Angels and Thieves
0 86
We are a 3 year old semi-literate warriors RPG site. Filled with exciting characters and plots, we are set in the lake territory, after the times of The Last Hope and Bramblestar's Storm. We feature
The Snake Forest
0 82
The Snake Forest is a plotless beginner to advanced warrior cats rpg. We are a new site, as of July 2015 and would love some new members!
Another Warrior Roleplay
5 166
Another Warrior Roleplay (AWRP) is a 3-year-old Warriors roleplay with over 100,000 posts and 40+ members on daily!
Concrete Bones
0 100
A brand new warriors rpg set in a new location! The clans, after being taken over by a rogue moons ago, have freed themselves from his tyranny and are becoming what they once were. But not all cats ar
The Field
10 75
The Field in an original intense and gritty literate cat roleplaying site. Adapting books such as the warriors series and the maze runner, this is not your typical light rp. There are consequences for
Pacing Paws
6 85
A warrior cats roleplay, open to roleplayers from beginner to advanced. Friendly community with lots planned for the site.
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2 91
Out Of The Ashes is a literate warriors roleplay with no word count that allows the players to build and shape the clans and their world.
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0 87
Prevarication is a brand-new roleplay forum based on the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. It's set in the lake territory, many moons after the current books. We're mostly intermediate to advanced
Warriors Life
0 118
Warriors Life is a pre-series traditional warriors roleplay that takes place at the forest before Rusty/Firestar first came to the clans
The Wild Side
16 79
There are no humans and this is a WARRIOR CAT and CANINE roleplay site. With darkness and light clashing, Mother Nature isn't the only one to fear in the Wilderness
Moon And Stars
0 14
We are a all level, non-traditional Warriors role play based off the best selling series by Erin Hunter. Our site features an unlimited amount of characters, a 50 word count minimum, and plots centere
4 11
Untamed is a new semi-literate Warrior Cats RP. Moderators, and special ranks still open!
Warrior's Wish
88 104
A site for fans of the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter, complete with news and a forum community. Step into the wild with us!
Warriors of The Clans
0 9
A simple Warrior Cats RPG site. Still kind of in the works.
50 9
The fire destroyed everything. Their home - then, their clan. When they asked for help they were cast aside. banished from the lakeside, treated no better than rogues. They left, traveling for many mo
We and the Trees
0 0
A literate Warrior Cats roleplay. The five clans have recently moved to a new valley that is inhibited by droves of clanless cats. Come find out what happens next.
Stars In Their Eyes
30 10
Stars In Their Eyes, SITE, is an original idea based loosely off of the Warrior cat series by Erin Hunter. The four clans; ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan are all gone but the memory o
Rise Up
41 41
Rise Up is a traditional, 200 WC warriors roleplay set in the old forest.
Pawprints in the Sand
10 27
PITS is a Warriors RPG site, and the spiritual successor of the RPG forums MEOW, also known as Moon Eclipse of Warriors, and GROW, also known as Grand Rebirth of Warriors.
Birth of the Warrior
11 38
Birth of the Warrior is a free-form, unique warriors roleplay where the players decide where the plot goes! This allows for many plots where StarClan/the Dark Forest can meddle.
Unity Among Warriors
47 49
Unity Among Warriors is a literate RP set before SkyClan left the forest. We have a word limit of 150+, please consider joining!
Stars Beneath My Paws
3 27
We are an up and coming Warrior Cats roleplaythat focuses on four clans, Caveclan, Whisperclan, Mistclan, and Emberclan. We welcome all roleplayers of all skill levels.
Pawsteps Past
1 37
We are a new, literate warriors roleplay that accepts all levels of play.
Warriors 101
1 17
Warriors 101 is a unique fantasy Warrior cats roleplaying site where anyone is welcome. There are still top sots available for cats and the site needs attention as its having trouble getting off the g
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1283 1806

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The Coming Storm
0 93
Long have the Clans of the island found peace with one another, and all has been calm between borders for many, many moons. That is, until StarClan sends a mysterious prophecy to a group of young cats
Current Convulsive
0 37
strife. controversy. heartache.

for moons, the four clans have lived in harmony with one another, but recently, a band of rogues has begun to terrorize the clans. and they are planning something BIG.
Warrior Clan Cats
7 138
The future's in your paws. Shape it well.
Roleplay in the four Clans. Set in a time before the books. Active site with friendly community and over five years of history!
Creeping Shadows
2 40
Based of the books by Erin Hunter, this roleplay follows three Clans of warriors. Dark times lie ahead for the Clans, are you ready to fight?
Forgotten Purrs
66 106
Forgotten Purrs is a new literate tradional Warriors cats roleplay forum. We require at least 100 words per roleplay post to ensure a quality RP.
The Stars Above Us
7 66
The Stars Above Us is a realistic warrior role-play site with plots and friendly staff. With the five clans gone, new ones took it‘s place. Yet danger lurks in the corner...
Teeth Lost, Hearts Won
26 94
Three unique clans. Two terrible wars. One mountain territory. The stakes are high as the peace treaty trembles; will you decide how it all ends?
Royal Flush
0 48
ROYAL FLUSH is noir-inspired warriors roleplay taking place in the early 1940s. Disappearances, mystery, betrayal; who can be trusted in the clans of New York City?
44 54
They're lost, vanished without a trace.

A moon ago, seven cats vanished - four from Shadowclan and three from Windclan. They were there one minute, and gone the next. Not a trace remained of them -
The Darkest Moon v2
5 53
TDM is a Warrior cat RPG with the four original Clans but total new territory to explore. We accept all levels of players from the beginners all the way to advanced literate and the word limit is 100
0 53
A semi-realistic RPG that focuses mainly on cats, though other animals are available to be purchased with virtual money in the shop! Cats are also allowed to have powers and weapons, as well!
Clans Of The Sky
15 68
This is a realistic warrior roleplaying site with active users and fun plot lines. Featuring these four clans, Hawkclan, Eagleclan, Vultureclan, and Owlclan. We are in need of mods and members so come
Clans of the Night
12 71
Clans of the Night is a roleplay based off of the Warriors series written by Erin Hunter.
The site has been around for a long time and we hope to keep it that way with dedicated and active members.
Age of the Warriors
0 50
Traditional Warrior Cats
The Clans are forced to live together. No more territory lines, no more separate camps, and no more privacy. All while they struggle to survive in a mountain range.
Falling Stars
0 48
Become a warrior cat on this new fantastic RPG site! Become an apprentice and grow up to be the best warrior there is! Join now!
warriors, machination;;;
2 28
warriors, machination;;; is inspired by the book series Warriors, by Erin Hunter. It is set in new territories with new Clans for your imagination.
0 26
This is a clan RPG, 3 clans and one tribe fighting to take over the forest but who shall win? Your choice could be deadly if you chose the wrong clan

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